Work Appropriate Heels for Summer!

Calling all girls who love to dress up during the warmer months of the year— we have a prize in store for you. That's right; we have gathered the perfect range of work-appropriate heels for your summer fun. We love that you can rock a pair of stylish heels during your working day. So, feel your best while investing in the perfect pair of pumps for your day in the office. 


Finding the right pair of heels to suit your style might be challenging at times. But do not fear because the team at Wildfire is here to help. You will find that our range of women's heels is perfect for your daily get-up. In addition, there are plenty of looks that you can pull off with a gorgeous pair of heels. So, if you are keen to revamp your summer wardrobe with our range of heels, keep on reading! 


Style 1 – Block Heels


These pumps are rapidly becoming a wardrobe staple, and we are obsessed! A pair of block heels will become the go-to shoe for your workwear looks. These pumps are the perfect combination between stiletto heels ​and flats.


Block heels are the perfect pair of shoes for the office as you can feel comfortable and confident all day long. The low base provides enough height to ensure you look sophisticated throughout the day and comfortable from morning until night. In addition, these stilettos can take your office fit from a four to a ten almost instantly. 


A pair of these shoes will ensure that your office attire is top tier. Feel confident in meetings or stylish for your group lunch whilst wearing your pair of pumps. We love that you get to wear your favourite pair of block heels at work and feel great whilst doing so, girl!


Style 2 – Platform Slides


Now, you may be wondering why a pair of platform slides classify as heels, but we are about to enlighten you. These shoes feature a thick and levelled base for you to walk in. This feature shows that you can wear these shoes like a pair of heels, thanks to their height level. 


These are a comfortable choice of shoes to wear and are perfect for your day in the office. These are the perfect summer heels for you because of their breathability and comfort. You will spend the day smashing out a whole heap of work because of the comfortable heels you are wearing. In addition, these shoes can feature a unique style of colour and design, so you will never get bored with wearing a pair of these platform slides. 


You will love that they are easy to wear throughout your day in the office and any after-work activities you may have. 


Style 3 – Wedge Heels


If you are looking for the perfect summer heels, then you have come to the right place. Look no further than our range of wedges. These pumps are a go-to shoe for many women who work in an office environment. These are breathable, comfortable, and super fashionable so, you can easily rock a pair of these wedge heels all day long. 


The best thing about wearing these low heels in the office is that you can trust that you will have minimal injuries or falls. In addition, these wedge heels feature a thick and comfortable base, so you will never feel off balance. They are also a super versatile shoe, so you can wear these pumps to the office and again on the weekend to a special event. The options are endless with these heels, sis! 


Style 4 – Self-Tie Heels


Get ready to strap in for an enjoyable ride with our range of self-tie heels. These pumps are perfect for your daily work look and are sure to keep your feet feeling safe and secured. In addition, these shoes are a great style to wear if you are stuck on finding the right outfit pop design. 


No matter what clothes you throw on in the morning, you can rely on your self-tie heels to take you through the day. The self-tie strap feature is unique that not every pair of pumps have. This style can help you stand out from the crowd during your day in the office. These pumps look best when they get styled with a flowy dress or balloon shorts and a t-shirt. 


The self-tie straps look best when they are on display. This look means that the clothes that let you show a little skin, such as a skirt or dress, will pair perfectly with your pair of self-tie pumps. So try something new this summer season and watch the compliments roll in! 


Style 5 – Thong Heels 


A trendy pair of heels is not that hard to find, but trying to wear a set of pumps that look gorgeous with a range of outfits is more of a challenge. That is why investing in a pair of thong heels will be your knight in shining armour, sis!   


These pumps are super fashionable and on-trend, so you will never have to worry about wearing a pair of kicks that are not stylish. We love that our range of thong heels can get worn to your day in the office. These shoes are super breathable, too, so they are the perfect pair of pumps for summer. 


A set of thong heels will go a long way with your office looks, and you can style these heels with just about any outfit. Whether it is a pair of suit pants or a flowy dress, you can be sure that these pumps will be perfect for you. Reach new heights with new styles of heel shoes!


Style 6 – Pointed-Toe Pumps


Get back to the classics and style your latest office looks with a pair of pointed-toe pumps. These heels are a stylish and sophisticated style of shoe for you to wear throughout the day. Take these pumps with you to the office and then straight to an after-work dinner. We love wearing a pair of pointed-toe pumps to work because they give us a boost of confidence. 


Whether it is a necessary meeting that we have to attend or a midday event and occasion to attend, you can trust that you will look flawless in a pair of these pointed-toe pumps. These are timeless pairs of heels so that you can rock these pumps all year long. So whether there is rain, hail, or shine, you can be sure to look great with these heels on your feet! 


Give That Summer Wardrobe a Refresh ASAP!


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