Work Heels That Will Help You Give You The Confidence To Nail That Important Meeting!


Conquer your work day with the ultimate set of heels!


The benefits


Physically, work heels give you an extra few centimetres of height, while the incline causes you to stand taller and straighten up your spine. During long says, weak posture can cause back pain and other issues. If you can stave-off slumping with a good set of work heels, then your health and your appearance are better off in the long run.


Psychologically, work heels that improve your posture, and finally standing shoulder-to-shoulder with your colleagues also makes you feel more self-assured — ever heard of power-posing? It’s the same concept; by standing tall and owning your space, our work heels will help you feel empowered!


Dress to the right standard


While some bosses are happy for employees to wear whatever kind of footwear that they like, it’s not uncommon for a strict dress code to be present in an office setting. Worse still are an unspoken or assumed set of rules— an especially daunting prospect for ladies who are just starting on the job.  


While you could risk wearing flats, work heels are a sure way to make sure that you are never underdressed. Work heels have, and will always be regarded, as a professional and mature looking style. Plus, they can be a great way to balance out a more casual feeling outfit.


Style your look up or down


One perk of wearing heels is the fact that you can use them to style your work clothes as you like. If your profession demands a smart and immaculate wardrobe, then work heels will be a natural finishing touch. On the other hand, a nice pair of formal shoes can help lift some casual shorts and skirts so that you can be comfortable and still look put-together.  


Pick a height that suits you


Sling-backs, short kitten or block-style heels, and low wedges are an excellent fit for work. As much as we love high work heels from Wildfire, they are not always the most practical.


These shorter styles bequeath better support and stability to ladies who are always on their feet and moving around. If you have a long transit that involves walking, taking public transport, or similar, then a lower pair will be a fantastic fit.


On the other hand, if you spend most of the day sitting down at a desk, or love the elegant shaping of your tallest work heels, then we have plenty of styles for you to choose too!


Block styles


These gorgeous shoes bring long-lasting comfort at every height. The broad platform will help you step with sureness.


Pick some pointy-toed work heels and add an eye-catching look to your repertoire! Try a fun, casual style like our espadrille wedges, and introduce a favourite 2019 trend to your office wear. Or, for a slide-on fit that will get you out of the door fast in the mornings, try some of our mule-style work heels.


The choices are endless!


Fashion on point


Our classy stilettos and kitten work heels will bump up your self-confidence and help you get more out of a career. If you love classic looks, then a popular vintage style like our sling-back work heels will be a dream come true! With their stylish faux-suede finish and bright colour range, these would be a fabulous addition to any wardrobe.


Otherwise, our sleek pumps are classics in boardrooms and business meetings.  


Get a pair today! 


Wildfire has the lineup of your dreams waiting online and in stores exclusively at Spendless Shoes. If work heels are the next must-have item for your collection, then it’s time to start browsing!