You'll Never Want to Take These Heels Off!

Heels are a love-hate relationship for many women, with some loving the way they elongate the legs, while others loathe the discomfort and pain they cause. But not all kinds of these shoes are painful, and we at Wildfire will give you examples of which ones are perfect for walking.


One of the critical factors in choosing the perfect heels is comfort. Your feet go through a lot during the day, from standingto running, and they need all the support they can get. And what's the point of wearing a beautiful pair of heels if you can't enjoy the moment because of the pain?


The great thing about Wildfire shoes is that they are trendy and versatile, aside from comfort. So you get more than what you pay for with one pair of heels. Let us help you narrow your choices and find the perfect pair that fits your lifestyle, so you never have to take them off again. 


Style 1—Low 


Low heels are a godsend when you need the perfect footwear, especially if you've had a painful experience with high ones. With a heel height of 2.5-5cm, they provide the correct elevation without the steep incline of traditional high heels, making them perfect for everyday wear.


There are so many advantages to wearing flat shoes that we could go on and on. They're great for your feet, legs, and back because they offer much support. The strain on your muscles, your back, and your posture can all be avoided by sticking to flats. 


The kitten heel is one of our most popular styles. Its low and tapered heels make them a short step up from flats. They are dressy enough for any occasion without sacrificing comfort or walkability.


Style 2—Block 


Your search for the perfect heels to walk in is over because of the block shoes! These come in low and high styles and distribute your weight evenly, a characteristic unique to their thick, broad surface. 


Because of the even weight distribution, block heels relieve pressure from your feet and legs, making them the best companion. Imagine getting the height you desire, stability and balance from one pair of shoes!


Apart from comfort, versatility is a prominent trait of Wildfire block heels. You can walk in them at work, family gatherings, and even formal events. In addition, you will love these shoes when the location is outdoors because the chunky heel will never get stuck on soil, sand, and pavement cracks.


Our collection of block heels at Wildfire comes in 14 different colours, including classic black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, orange, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. This spectrum can match any outfit in your closet! 


Style 3—High 


High heels take a lot of getting used to, but not all are painful. Yes, all of them are taller than 7cm, but you can opt for block-heeled footwear to walk in comfortably. Only attempt getting stiletto heels if you have no plans to walk a lot because that shoe is uncomfortable.


One of the main reasons women love wearing high heels, especially in a professional setting, is because they boost confidence and power. For instance, wearing platform high heels will make you tower above others, but tall as they are, they are comfortable to wear everywhere. 


This style's design, where a platform in front and a block heel at the back, distributes your weight across the whole foot. Get these heels if you want to add retro glam to your closet! 


At Wildfire, we understand that wearing high heels confidently can be challenging but not impossible. Here are some tips you can follow so you'll be strutting like a runway model quickly! 


Tip 1—Practice makes perfect 


Want a head start on mastering your new heels? 


Try to put your weight on your toes and move around the house even before you purchase a new pair to help strengthen your calves and improve your control and confidence. It's a simple yet effective way to get ahead of the game and feel like a pro.


Once you have your new Wildfire heels, test them on all types of flooring - carpet, slippery surfaces, and stairways. Trust us, the more you practice, the more muscle memory you'll develop, helping you become more confident in your shoes. 


Tip 2—Heel-Toe, Heel-Toe


When taking a step forward, remember that it's all about fluidity! Imagine rocking from your heel to the tip of your toe in one smooth motion. You can even say "heel-toe, heel-toe" to drive the point home with each step in your heels.


Tip 3—Walk More Gradually and in Small Steps


Here’s a fun fact: the higher heel, the shorter stride needs to be shorter! So take it slow and steady by taking tiny steps while rocking high heels. It will keep you safe and make you look like a pro. Start with 30 minutes, then an hour the next day, and progressively increase the time until it becomes second nature.


Tip 4—Imagine a Straight Path Leading to the Finish Line


High heels require balance. Keeping your head up and your eyes forward is critical. Imagine you're carrying an invisible book on your head, so keep your posture straight as you walk towards your destination. Add a hip shimmy for extra flair!


Tip 5—Gradually Lengthen Your Wearing Time


Set aside time each day to work on your heel-walking skills. Start slowly and add time until you can wear them for long periods without feeling uncomfortable. 


Grab a Pair that You will be Walking in Everywhere! (Will It Be Block Heels, mid-heels or high heels?)


Wildfire heels are the perfect walking companion as they combine fashion and function. Add a clutch from our collection to seal the deal! Head to the Wildfire online store or the nearest retailer to get your hands on one of our head-turners!


Choose from mid-heels, high heels, stilettos, open-toe heels, block heels, square-toe heels, kitten heels, platform heels, court heels, platform shoes, low heels, heel mules, wedges, and pumps for a special occasion in these warmer months.


Wildfire heels can help you reach new heights and put your best foot forward (just make sure you have the proper shoe size!). With such a low price point and a large assortment, shopping for women's heels has become much more pleasurable.


It's effortless to choose a favourite pair or two every month or so!