Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Heel For Every Occasion

Finding The Perfect Heels 

We love helping people find their perfect pair at Wildfire! Plus, we have such a broad range of heels that you can get a set for any event. Today, we thought we would recommend our favourite styles for specific events and occasions.

So, let's get started!

A night on the town

Want to look gorgeous and stand out from the crowd? If you and the girls are gearing up for a fabulous Friday night, or are taking back the weekend, then you need the right heels for the job. You want something you can stand in, and a set that will let you go hard on the dancefloor. We would also recommend partially enclosed toes, given that you probably don't want to spend the night with sticky feet from spilt drinks. As such, block heels are our pick for a night out. Some gorgeous structured heels are a chic alternative to boots in the warm weather and should give you plenty of protection while remaining stylish.

In the workplace

Pumps, pumps, pumps! These lovely patent and faux suede heels will be a stunning addition to your workwear. With a pragmatic height and a classic look, these are essential. Our next best pick is an even shorter style— the sling-back. These are a vintage look made new for 2018, with chic pointed toes and an open heel. You can adjust the buckled ankle strap for better fit, so your comfort is almost guaranteed.

Beach weddings

Weddings are hard enough to buy shoes for in the first place, let alone when it gets held on a beach. Well, in any case, it might be time to opt out on heels for once. Hello, sandals! At Wildfire, our strappy sandals have got all the elegance of our strappy heels. While the effect is not as pronounced as it would be with heels, you do get a slimmed-down look for your ankles and calves thanks to the lovely laces.

Formal weddings

Now, this is a tough one! We will try not to linger too long here, but there are a lot of questions that need answering before you can start. How long is the ceremony? Will you stay for the reception or after party? Are you a bridesmaid that needs to match heels with the others? Make sure you have all of these sorts of questions answered before you start looking for wedding heels, so you are always sure!

With that out of the way, here are our thoughts on wedding heels.

Glittery or smooth silver will always be a favourite at weddings, but you also have the ever-popular rose gold in 2018 to think about too. White is a perfect choice, and heels in a natural shade can be a simple, subtle choice. Beyond that, we recommend low or block heels for their comfort. If you have to go stilettos, then consider sneaking a spare pair of flats into your bag for later!

Out to dinner

With thin heels for a graceful look, our stilettos will never look out of place at a fancy restaurant. These are even a fast pair to get on and off if you find yourself in a hurry— unlike some of our other strappy styles, these stilettos come with zippers on the back heels so you can slide them on with ease.

And there we go!

Were there any surprises in there? Have we changed your view of some heels forever? At Wildfire, we love pushing the boundaries of fashion and finding new ways to bring out everyone's wild side. Find a fantastic fit for your feet when you shop for our heels online or exclusively in stores at Spendless Shoes.