Your Guide To Finding The Perfect Pair Of Espadrilles This Summer Season

Looking For The Perfect Wedge? 

Shop espadrilles this season for a style sensation! We bring the hottest looks of the year at Wildfire, so it should be no surprise that we're boosting these stylish wedge heels. Now, we're bringing you all the essential information you need to select your ideal espadrilles too!

What's the right height?

It's the first important question that you need to answer before you start looking. Just how high do you want to go with your espadrilles? These lovely platform wedges come in medium, high, and towering sizes, so we'll work expertly to your whims! Mid-level espadrilles are a good pick for girls who are still a little shaky in heels and cannot see themselves lasting a night in something over eleven centimetres.

Of course, there's no need to be anxious about the height of our espadrilles. One of their greatest design advantages is the platform— you sneak a few extra centimetres onto the base without increasing the incline for your feet. Plus, the broad and flat sole of our espadrilles gives you a full platform to let you stand, walk, and dance effortlessly. If you need a style that is well-balanced and easy to move around in, then these are the way to do it!

Versatile styling options

With playsuits and t-shirt dresses making it big this summer, you need heels that can contend in more than one arena! Our espadrilles will be best with anything that keeps your ankles and lower calves uncovered— for summertime fashion, this opens up an infinite world of possibilities!

Another great thing to note about espadrille designs is the balance that the natural heel brings. Where some block heels and wedges can appear heavy or chunky under loose or lightweight clothing, but that is never the case with espadrilles! These can blur the line between where your feet end and the shoes begin, for a tricky visual effect that will make your legs look fantastic!

The shaping effect

It's no secret that espadrilles make legs look longer and more toned. The heels of espadrilles are the first major contributor to this elongating effect. The classic heel incline places your legs in the perfect position to look stretched and smooth, while the thick wedge base eases the pressure before it can build up in your muscles and cause discomfort.

The second design aspect that espadrilles use to make your legs appear skinnier are the straps. On all of our variations, you will notice that particular attention gets placed on the ankles and the bridge of the foot. Horizontal or crossover straps over the toes cover the fullest part of your foot to help slim it down. Meanwhile, the thick buckled straps or long tie-up laces at the ankles seem to stretch your calves upwards!

Great espadrilles to fit your aesthetic

If there's one thing we pride ourselves on at Wildfire, it's bringing great looks to all of the ladies who shop with us!

Our rough-textured braided rope bases are a lovely all-natural feeling look. If you love spending your summer out in the sunshine or by the beach, then they will be a dream-come-true for you! We love our beige espadrilles with bright and colourful patterns, feature earrings, and bag and other accessories with a similar finish!

Our smooth espadrilles, on the other hand, will work beautifully at parties and event where you need something simple but elegant. If body-con dresses, textured skirts, or stylish playsuits are more your speed, then these espadrilles might be your best new pair!

So, are you convinced?

No summer wardrobe could be complete this year without our espadrilles! Burn brightly, and unleash your wild side with Wildfire!