Your Guide to Stylish Formal Shoes

Check out our range of formal shoes this season! You will love what we have in store for you. Every girl loves to invest in the perfect set of pumps, and if you have a special event coming up, then now is the best time to do so. However, we understand that finding the right pair of formal shoes can be challenging at the best of times, which is why we are here to help! 


The team here at Wildfire shop have gathered the perfect set of formal shoes that we know you will love. So whether it is your school formal or a special event with family and friends, you can trust that we have the perfect set of shoes for you. 


If you are keen to see the collection we have available for you, keep reading! You will fall deeply in love, girl!


Style 1 – Block Heels


First up on our must-have list of formal shoes are the gorgeous block heels. These pumps are sure to take your look to the next level with ease. Our range of block heels has something for everyone to enjoy. That is what we love about these dress shoes because they have a variety of styles ​and designs for everyone's fashion taste.


Investing in these formal shoes will benefit you highly! If you have a school formal coming up, then a pair of block heels will be the perfect shoes for you. These are super comfortable to wear and are very stylish too. In addition, you will find that a set of block heels can easily tie your look together. Moreover, these pumps are good to pair with your men's dress shoes like oxford shoes.


Whether you are wearing a ball gown or a mini skirt and crop, we know that these block heels will complete the fit. These formal shoes are about to become your new bestie! 


Style 2 – Wedges


Do you love to wear a comfortable pair of formal shoes at events? Well, now you can! Our range of wedges is sure to tick all the right boxes. But, of course, you will fall in love with these pumps, and we understand why. 


A pair of wedges can tie your look together with ease. These pumps look perfect with a gorgeous maxi dress. Wedges can give you a boost of height and can help to give you a height boost with the dress. We love to see what a pair of wedges can do for your look, babe! 


The best thing about these formal shoes is that they feature a thick sole. This tip ensures that you feel balanced and comfortable throughout the day. There is nothing better than a set of wedges in your life. These formal shoes are a must-have in your life! 


Style 3 – Canvas Sneakers


If you love to feel comfortable and stylish all day long, then we have the perfect pair of kicks for you! Our huge range of canvas sneakers is sure to make your life a whole lot easier. We know that girl's love to wear formal shoes that feature a high heel or something glamourous, but our range of canvas sneakers can help you tone it down. 


You will still look flawless from head to toe in these formal shoes but without the pain and suffering. Style your new pair of canvas sneakers with your next outfit. These formal shoes look perfect with maxi dresses, mini dresses, and even pantsuits. 


Canvas sneakers are super popular in the world of fashion right now, so they will be a worthwhile investment for your current wardrobe. You can style these laidback formal shoes with just about every outfit and still look fabulous. You will love what you can do with these canvas sneakers, girl! 


Style 4 – Strappy


Our range of strappy formal shoes is sure to become your new favourite. These are the type of kicks that are not always the first pick. But, once you try them on, you instantly fall in love. That is why we know you will love wearing a set of strappy formal shoes. 


There is something about a pair of strappy formal shoes that can make all the difference to your next look. These pumps are perfect to wear during the warmer months of the year. There is nothing better than investing in a pair of kicks that you know you will wear until breaking point. 


These strappy formal shoes are the perfect set to wear to your next special event. Whether it is a birthday party or an engagement, you will love rocking your pair of new arrivals strappy formal shoes to this event. You do not want to miss out on these pumps — so place your best foot forward with them, girl! 


Style 5 – Platform Slides


Treat yourself to a pair of our platform slides this season, girl! You are about to fall in love at first sight with these formal shoes. Now, this footwear style may not be suitable for every girl, but we know they will look flawless on you no matter what.


Our range of platform slides is sure to have all eyes on you when you rock these kicks! Platform slides can ensure that you feel comfortable and stylish all day long. There is nothing better than wearing a set of these formal shoes to your next occasion. 


These are perfect to pair with an outfit that will take you to a casual event such as an outdoor wedding. It will sure be paired well with your partner men's formal shoes. Platform slides offer you plenty of height and give your look a unique and stylish touch. These are the perfect piece of formal shoes to wear for a day of casual fun with the girls! 


Style 6 – Jewelled 


Add a bit of sparkle to your wardrobe with our range of jewelled formal shoes. These kicks can look flawless with your next outfit, babe! Jewelled formal shoes come in various styles and designs, so you will always get spoiled for choice in these pumps. 


Our range of jewelled, formal shoes can feature a selection of additions, including chains, tassels, or glitter. So there will be a style for every girl in Australia to enjoy. We know that you will love these jewelled formal shoes, and you will look flawless from head to toe! So take this as a sign to ditch your hush puppies old pairs and invest with these new pumps.  


Have you found the perfect pair of formal shoes for you?


If you are nodding yes, that is a good enough reason to celebrate! We know that you will love the pair of kicks you have chosen, and we cannot wait to see what they look like on you. So head to the Wildfire brand website to find score yourself a new pair! Do not forget to tag us in your next Insta post so we can check out your look, sis!