Your Guide To The Perfect Shoes For Day-Time Events!

It's hard finding the right shoes for day-time events, it's all about finding the perfect balance between dressy and casual! Usually, in these instances, your high heels will be just a little too formal. On the other hand, your flats will be too casual, so it's about finding shoes that are equally dressy and relaxed. 


It sure is tough gig finding shoes that are just right for day-time events, so we are here to guide you through some styles that are perfect for your day-time events!


Take a look through Wildfire's range of high heels that are perfect for day-time events. 


As we said, your sky-high heels are probably just not right for all-day events, so we will take you through some styles that are still considered high heels but are toned down with the shoes' relaxed styles and high heels' shapes and heights.

Now, let's get started! 



  • Kitten Heels


High heels don't necessarily need to be tall, and we are going to show you the perfect ways to style and wear kitten styles with your day-time outfits. Kitten styles are the ideal accompaniment to any day-time outfit. 

Whether you are wearing jeans, dresses, skirts, wide-leg pants or jumpsuits, these high heels are the only shoes you will be wearing to every event. 


Kitten styles are a great alternative to high heels, the micro-heel varies in measurements from around 1.5 inches. However small in height, it's huge in style and comfort! Kitten styles have been spotted on fashionistas worldwide, so take a leaf out of their book and give this come back shoe a go! 

These high heels have us feeling nostalgic, kitten styles once were staples in our teenage selves’ wardrobes. Even though you may cringe now at the thought, trust us when we say, you will fall in love all over again with these mini high heels! 


Our kitten styles have taken a step up since the early 2000s. Find these trendy high heels mainly in an easy slip-on style, these high heels come in a variety of styles, we're sure you will find the perfect fit just for you. 

Chunky braided straps, multiple thin straps, knotted toe details; these are just a few examples of our stylish slip-on kitten styles. But if sandals or slingback is more your thing, we've got a selection of high heels for you too. 


Kitten styles are great for day-time events, especially when you know that you will be stuck on your feet for most of the day, opt for a pair of mini high heels for comfort. By losing the steep incline from traditional high heels, you will be able to stand in your shoes for longer periods and be in real comfort throughout the day. 

What more could you ask for from high heels?



  • Wedges & Flatforms



Summer high heels staples have to be wedges, right? Well, we are going to take you through some of the different wedge styles, some modern twists, aka flatforms, and will show you some ways to style these summer staples for your day-time events!

Flatforms is a fairly new term to hit the shoe market, so, what is it? And what is the difference between a wedge and a flatform? 


Well, wedge bottoms extend from front to back with an incline, so that serves as both the sole and the heel of the shoe and gives that traditional platform feeling. Whereas a flatform has a level platform that covers the entire foot, so there is no slant. Your feet will feel evenly elevated without the platform-slanted feeling that causes discomfort. 

A great alternative for women who don't like wearing high heels! Hallelujah, you can wear high heels without discomfort!


Wedges and flatforms are a great alternative to high heels, dress up your outfit with a wedge shoe to elevate your look when a pair of flats or sandals just won't do the trick. The sandal-like wedge shoes look fantastic worn with dresses, tailored shorts and skirts for the perfect summer look. 

Wedges are a summer staple and for good reason so, jump on board and get yourself a pair today. But don't keep these shoes reserved for the summer months only, go ahead and take these babies into the cooler weather. 


These high heels transition nicely into your autumn and spring wardrobe. Wear these underneath wide-leg linen pants or straight-leg or boyfriend style jeans, you'll wear these shoes throughout the year to those day-time events, and they won't cause you any discomfort!


Doll up any outfit with a pair of high heels that don't necessarily have heightened shoe! 


Find your perfect fit in Wildfire's wide range of kitten, wedge and flatform styles. Whether you are looking for a slip-on, slingback, sandal or buckle up style, we have countless styles and colours to choose from.


If we haven't already got you running to your closest store, then maybe our affordable prices will do the trick! 


Let's be realistic here, you are probably more likely to wear these styles more than your stiletto high heels in your wardrobe. These shoe styles are tailored to be worn with everyday outfits, to work, to after-work drinks, nights out with the girls and of course all-day events like a Sunday wine tour!

So, do yourself a favour and pick up a pair  from Wildfire at affordable prices. Spend the money on that dress you've had your eye on for weeks and save on your high heels. Your bank account will love that for you! 

Still strapped for cash? No problem, we have a range of flexible payment systems to help you out.


Our kitten, wedge and flatform high heels will be the perfect accompaniment in your wardrobe. These shoes will come in handy when the dress code is "jeans and a nice top!" These high heels are equally dressy and relaxed, add some height to your outfit when flats just won't cut it and save your feet with our mini high heels.