Your New Favorite Pair of Heels to Wear Again and Again!

No one would believe you if you told them you prefer to wear heels repeatedly because of how people perceive them. But wait till they get to try one from Wildfire! These shoes can convert anyone who thinks otherwise.


Some people stick to a specific shoe style once they discover "the one. Unfortunately, these people will likely buy the same kind of heels over and over once the old one needs to go. And no one can blame them because finding the shoe that fits your feet can be challenging.


That's how Wildfire shoes are to a lot of people. They all have characteristics that appeal to a specific market. How about you? Which of Wildfire's heels will you keep wearing?


For a special occasion in these warmer months, will you choose from mid-heels, high heels, stilettos, open-toe heels, block heels, square-toe heels, kitten heels, platform heels, court heels, platform shoes, low heels, heel mules, wedges, or pumps?


Our Wildfire team is here to discuss everything you need about colour, height, and style. So read on to find one that meets your requirements to tell your friends you always want to wear Wildfire heels.


1. Colour


People have favourite colours, which influence their choice of footwear. So, for instance, if your favourite colour is black, you'd likely use it as much as possible. 


You'd keep pulling them out of the closet and finding different outfit combinations that look good together. But, with Wildfire's fourteen available colours, can you find one pair of heels that fits your needs?




Viva Magenta is the Pantone Colour of the Year, and pink is within the family. Only some people are into pink, but it might be a good colour for 2023. Heels in this colour would attract attention from a kilometre away. 


You don't have to put in so much effort with your clothes because these shoes will do all the work. Pink is friendly with most colours, so finding outfits to match these heels will be easy.


Take a chance on these Wildfire heels featuring a triangular heel and a square toe design, held in place by a thick strap over the front toes. These shoes will complement a midi dress perfectly.




If you cannot pull off the vibrant pink, you might fall in love with vanilla heels instead. The neutral colour has a subtle attractiveness that will earn second glances. This shade is closer to white, a colour for heels that always stays in style.


Get this gorgeous pair with a unique mesh-detailing strap over the toes. The style is unique and would make your feet look sexy. Wear these heels with clothes in turquoise, brown, and dark blue.


2. Height


They wear the same shoes over and over again because they are comfortable. Some women care more about the heel height than the heel colour. Let's discuss the different kinds available at Wildfire and decide which suits you.




Low heels serve as the middle ground between flats and high heels. With a height of 2.5–5 cm, these shoes will not give your feet a steep incline, which usually causes strain and discomfort. 


Instead, low heels will provide stability since you're nearer the ground, and the slight elevation is something you can handle for long periods.


Check out this gorgeous toe-thong style, an ideal shoe you can wear often. It's a limited edition shoe with a kitten heel that makes you think of a backyard barbeque. You can wear it with summer dresses or denim miniskirts and shorts.




People who can last hours in high heels must harbour a secret superpower because it can be challenging. Some crave height because it elongates the legs and makes the muscles appear more toned.


But, more importantly, high heels boost self-confidence and empower their wearers. These shoes go beyond 7cm and put your feet at a steep incline, altering your centre of balance.


However, not all high heels are painful. The game changed when block heels first came out. These shoes have a thick, broad heel that distributes your weight evenly. 


It covers the whole back part of your feet, relieving pressure from your feet, legs, and lower back. In addition, these shoes are ideal for outdoor venues because they won't get stuck in soil, sand, or pavement cracks.


These attractive block heels may become your go-to because they’re black and have two horizontal straps lined with glittering diamantes. These versatile shoes can dress up or down your outfit, depending on what you need them to do. Even with extra height, you won't feel the strain.


On the one hand, some people prefer narrow stilettos, which can throw you off balance. Getting used to these shoes takes practice, but they make an impression. Stiletto heels force you to improve your posture, making you stand straighter and walk slower.


3. Style


Do you like showing off your toes with strappy heels, or prefer pumps? Wildfire has various styles suitable for different occasions. And since they are primarily versatile, one pair is enough to keep you event-ready for a long time.




Strappy heels come in various forms. Some have ankle straps that are likely to stay attached to your feet. People usually wear strappy heels for formal occasions with long dresses. But you can also wear them to go clubbing.




If you prefer to avoid overexposing your feet, you'll love the coverage of pumps, as they only leave the top part uncovered. These office heels have closed sides and a cut-out top that shows the top of the foot from the toe box up. There are no laces, straps, or other ways to fasten them.


Have You Made Your Choice?


Wildfire has a wide range of heels, but we guarantee that once you've found THE one, you'll want to live in them forever. Head to the Wildfire online store or the nearest retailer to get one now! You'll always go right with a style that combines style, comfort, and versatility.


With the correct shoe size, Wildfire heels can let you soar to new heights and allow you to put your best foot forward effortlessly. In addition, women's heels are now much more enjoyable, even for prolonged walking. 


They can quickly become a favourite pair to wear to special occasions for formal attire, a suit or a simple casual outfit.


Our low price and wide selection are also things that make Wildfire an excellent choice for all your shoe-shopping needs. So shop online or at the nearest store!