Your Ultimate Guide To Finding The Perfect Bridesmaids Shoe!

Who’s shopping for wedding shoes? Finding the perfect pair for the Big Day doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Wildfire will take care of you! Now, what things should you be thinking about before you buy your wedding shoes? 


Should you try block heels or stilettos? 


Many of our heeled styles have a similar base design, so personal preference tends to be the deciding factor. Stilettos have the slimmest profile, which gives them an airy and elegant feel; this makes pumps the perfect wedding shoes underneath clothes made with sheer or flowing material. Block heels are beautiful and sophisticated, and the wide platform gives them a bold feel. They’re a better match for ladies who want extra support from their heeled wedding shoes. Now, which do you think will be the best ones for you? 


How confident are you about wearing heels? 


Comfort is essential for wedding shoes. As important as it is that your footwear looks formal and lovely as your clothing, you need to ensure that you’re feeling your best. After all, you don’t want sore feet and difficult wedding shoes to drag down your mood while everyone else is happily celebrating. If you don’t have much experience wearing skinny pumps or stilettos, then we recommend choosing a short pair or selecting block heels instead. Our kitten heels come with trendy sling-back straps and would be gorgeous wedding shoes. So, if you’re a novice with stilettos, save yours for a different occasion! 


Is the venue going to be outdoors?


As summer draws closer, ceremonies will start moving outdoors to take advantage of the sunshine, so keep that in mind when you’re considering your wedding shoes. If you know that you’ve been invited to a beach-themed ceremony, a gathering in a grassy area, or somewhere similar, then factor that into your plans. Be realistic about what sort of wedding shoes you’ll be comfortable wearing outdoors, particularly if you’re going to end up on grass, sand, or cobblestones, or pebbly pathways. Do you think that you will still be comfortable wearing stilettos or block heels? Some ladies will have no issue wearing heeled wedding shoes. But, if you’re harbouring any doubts about whether or not you can last in cocktail heels, then pick your wedding shoes from our collection of flats or sandals. After all, these are still a stylish option, and the most important thing is that you’re comfortable enough to dance and have fun during the festivities! 


What sort of features should you look for on your pair?


Let’s start with colours! Beige and white are the most popular shades for wedding shoes. Not only are these timeless tones, but they’re also the easiest to match with different patterns and colours. So, if you’re part of the bridal party and trying to buy wedding shoes for a mystery outfit, then white or natural styles are an easy pick! Décor is also an excellent feature for a bridal pair. A line of sparkling diamantes or shiny metallic pieces will give your wedding shoes a more sophisticated and dressier feel. 


When should you start looking for your pair?


The last thing that you want is to be running around looking for wedding shoes at the last minute. Here at Wildfire, we’re big believers in keeping your stress levels to a minimum. Once the date for the Big Day gets finalized and you’ve figured out which type of wedding shoes you need to buy, start having a look! You can shop at your leisure at Wildfire’s online store and scroll through all the options when it suits you. Even if you don’t buy your wedding shoes the first time you visit our website, you can start making a shortlist of choices. Now, get started!