Your Ultimate Guide To The Perfect Pair Of Spring Heels!

Wildfire is the best place to shop for spring heels! With affordable prices and an impressive range of designs, you can treat yourself to the season’s best shoes at the lowest cost. 

What sort of spring heels should you buy?

First off, consider what sort of platforms you like the most. Wildfire has block-based platforms, skinny stilettos, and wedges. So, whether you have a single type that you prefer, or you’re happy to look around and experiment with something different every time, our selection of spring heels will keep you spoiled for options! Secondly, keep your eyes out for designs with the latest fashion trends. If you want to keep up with the hottest 2020 looks, then we recommend spring heels, crocodile texture, cake-stand platforms, thong-style straps, and square-cut toes. Take home one or two of these 2020 designs and stay on-trend! 


Today, we want to focus on a few of our other spring heels! 


We think you’ll love mule styles this season! 

If you’ve paid any attention to 2020 fashion trends and up-and-coming spring heels, then you’ll already know that mules are making waves. Customers love the easy slide-in fit, the easy comfort from the low block platforms, and the airy feel. Shoes in this collection feel like they were created for fun days out in the sunshine. Since these styles only have one or two straps over the top, they’re light and airy and ideal for hot weather. Our shortest spring heels should be your go-to for coffee dates, picnics, and backyard get-togethers. Meanwhile, mid-high and tall mules are an excellent choice for weddings, dinner dates, and formal events. 

Are you looking for work-appropriate spring heels?

Our kitten-heeled designs are perfect for ladies who work in offices! The short platform on these spring heels means that you can wear them all day long without getting sore feet. With their pointed toes and sling-back ankle strap feature, these cute shoes are a timeless style. You don’t need to worry about your office’s dress code barring shoes like these either, since they keep your toes covered up. Wildfire’s adorable sling-back spring heels have a classy air about them, but they aren’t difficult to dress down. During the warmer months, you could easily wear them out casually with culottes and a cute top. You’ll get your fair share of wear out of your new pair! 

Try spring heels with faux suede! 

What’s so special about faux suede fabric, you ask? Well, for starters, spring heels made with that material feel super soft against your skin and have a very forgiving fit. If you can’t stand shoes that have tough straps or get blisters easily, then you’ll adore the gentle fabric of faux suede pairs. Secondly, the material is a fun and fresh alternative to leather-look spring heels. Here at Wildfire, we adore sleek synthetic styles (and we’ve got heaps on our shelves), but it’s good to change things up every once in a while. Lastly, you should never underestimate how gorgeous something as simple as a fuzzy fabric finish can make your spring heels feel. So, do you want to know what sort of options we have on offer in faux suede this season? One of our most popular spring heels in this material are strappy self-tie shoes, but we also have thigh-high boots, pointy-toes office styles, and a dozen block-based designs. 

Who’s ready to get their hand on our most beautiful styles?

Now that you’ve read a bit more about our spring heels, do you feel more confident about which one you want to try? If so, head over to the Wildfire website, where you can scroll through our spring heels at your leisure.