Your Wardrobe Needs Block Heels!

Why do you need block heels in your wardrobe? The real question is this: why wouldn’t you need a pair in your collection? Block heels are versatile, gorgeous, and work beautifully with all sorts of different outfits. Here at Wildfire, we have so many fabulous designs for you to try in 2020. If you don’t get your hands on at least one pair of our block heels, you’ll be missing out for sure! But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If you’re not convinced that you need block heels in your wardrobe this year, then we’re going to do our best to change your mind. 


What are the benefits of block heels?

Get comfortable, because we’ve got a lot to go through here! Out of every type of platform, block heels offer the longest-lasting comfort and the most supportive wear, which is why they’re an ideal match for parties and similar events. If you need to be up on your feet for more than a few hours or want to dance the night away and not regret it in the morning, then you should consider getting a pair for your next outing. Unlike the small points on pumps and stilettos, the broad base on block heels offers plenty of room for you to stand on comfortably and prevents tension and strain from building up in your muscles. Whether you pick a tall pair or a short set, you’ll stay perfectly comfortable in a pair of our wideset platforms!


Why would you pick block heels over stilettos?

If you’re heading off to a formal event like a wedding, someone’s 21st birthday party, or something similar, then stilettos are an easy pair of shoes to choose. Many people view skinny platforms and pumps as the shoes of choice for fancy venues and formal settings, but block heels are a fantastic choice too! Here at Wildfire, we use the same elements and features on all of our favourite shoes, so our most popular platforms can look very similar. If you’re shopping on our website and spot an irresistible pair of pumps, there’s a good chance that we have the same design with block heels for you to consider as well. 


Shall we take a look at some of the best block heels of the season now? 


Everyone should have a pair of mules in 2020!

These lovely, backless block heels are a must-have for ladies who enjoy shoes with a more convenient fit. Instead of fiddling with straps or buckles, you can slide these platforms straight onto your feet and get going for the day. There are heaps of great mule designs to try from Wildfire, but one of our most popular picks this season comes with low block heels, square-cut toes, and a top strap with a braided look. This style has a dozen different colour variations available too, so put in on your summer shopping list! 


How about some of our stunning wedges?

Don’t forget about our full-sized block heels! In 2020, our customers have fallen in love with our retro-feeling wedges. One of the favourite block heels this season has contrasting soles, a round metallic buckle, and a laid-back vibe. You don’t need to be intimidated by the height of this wedge either! Since the base of this platform is flat, it only puts your feet on a small incline. So, when you wear your new block heels, you can enjoy a height boost without compromising your comfort! 

Come and see the rest of our range today!

Wildfire has so many fabulous block heels for you to see this year. Jump online and have a scroll through our collection. We’re sure you’ll spot a pair that steals your heart away!