The Best Block Heel This Season!

Get your hands on the best block heels of the season! Customers who shop at Wildfire always get their pick of the hottest trends, and for the most affordable prices. Today, we’re going to showcase a few of our favourites, just for you! 


Crocodile-texture block heels are a must-have for your collection!


No crocodiles got harmed in the making of these shoes, we promise! After all, we pride ourselves on providing vegan-friendly block heels here at Wildfire. So, while our synthetic shoes pay homage to crocodilian skin, they’re an inspiration, not an ingredient! This trendy texture has been making the rounds in 2020, which is why so many of our new block heels have a version that includes it. 

Crocodile texture is a subtle but beautiful feature, and it is sure to add a modern and fashionable feel to your next outfit. Do you want help picking one out? Some of our best-loved versions of the crocodile trend are on block heels with two horizontal top straps. We recommend the natural ones since they’ll work well in any season! 


Try mid-high mules with a subtle twist! 


With their elegant side profile, these sweet shoes almost look like stilettos. But, from the back, you can see that these shoes are block heels. Here at Wildfire, we think these mules are a great example of functional fashion. Wear this pair out, and you will get to enjoy the slim shape and the enduring comfort of block heels at the same time. Who wouldn’t pick a pair of these shoes, given the choice? 

If you find it difficult to walk in stilettos and challenging to style block heels without them looking bulky, then these will be the styles of your dreams! Come and give them a look the next time you shop online with us


Boots are some of our favourite block heels! 


Would you like a winter style that can keep your legs warm and look great simultaneously? It’s no mystery why boots are so popular at outdoor events and parties. You’d be hard-pressed to find block heels that protect your feet and legs as well as these styles. Plus, they look great too!

We have all the types you would want at Wildfire! Our ankle-high boots are excellent trans-seasonal designs, and we guarantee that thigh-high block heels look stunning with short skirts, dresses, and jumpsuits. So, if you know that you’ve got an outdoor event coming up in your social calendar, then have a browse of our boots! 


We can’t take our eyes off of translucent block heels! 


Since they are see-through, these gorgeous styles can pair with almost any type of clothing. Your most vibrant prints and patterns won’t look weird with our crystal-clear block heels, so they’re an easy pick whenever you’re struggling to find footwear that fits with your clothes. Not to mention, they are a super trendy pick that we’re seeing everything this year.

We have a few different types on the shelves at Wildfire this season, including mid-high and tall block heels, and that means you have your pick of the lot! Still, if you aren’t prepared to try a fully-translucent style right away, then you can ease into it. Instead, we recommend that you start with block heels that have one see-through feature strap to see how you like it! 


Did any of these shoes catch your eye?


Do you like the idea of crocodile texture shoes, mid-high mules, trendy boots, or translucent block heels? Take home one of these fabulous styles and you can start the season off on the right foot! Our block heels are waiting online, so get to it!