The Flat Shoe Trends To Ditch Your Heels For

Ditch your heels for Wildfire womens flats this season! Of course, you don’t need an excuse to choose black leather sandals and hush puppies slides over nine west heels in 2021, but we’re happy to remind you why you should! Firstly, flat sandals offer the longest-lasting comfort of any of our casual shoes.


If you need womens shoes to wear out all day while you do your errands, go to work, or catch up with friends, then these are the ideal styles to have on your feet. When it comes to foot care, wide fit flats will also take good care of you during longer outings like weddings, birthday celebrations that run from dusk until dawn, and other all-day events.


Secondly, you can dress up black flat sandals and slides for any occasion! Do you feel like you’re sacrificing style for comfort when you leave your Diana Ferrari heels behind? Well, it’s time to get into a different mindset!


Our online exclusive flats and heels come with similar decor and features, like animal print. So other than the presence or absence of a low heeled platform, they are often incredibly identical. So you won’t feel underdressed if your wear our slides with your formal attire.


Thirdly, you can still get a bit of a height boost from our leather flats. If getting a few extra centimetres is the only reason you’ve been picking toe heels over casual flats, then our flatforms need to go on your shopping list ASAP.


These black leather sandals come with a thick platform base with no incline, and the slight heel height increase they offer won’t add any extra pressure or strain onto your feet and legs. What’s not to love about that? So now, who wants to hear about the trendiest Wildfire womens flat shoe in the 2021 collection?


Linen And Raffia Slides Should Be On Your List This Season!


Have you seen linen flats around this mid season? If you’ve paid any attention at all to 2021’s hottest textures and materials, you should already know that raffia and linen slides have been making waves in the world of fashion.


We have a whole host of flats like square toe with this trendy material at Wildfire right now, so you’re going to feel spoiled for choice if you start looking through our collection. This season, some of the most popular picks are slides with oversize metallic buckles, a hot update of one of our best-loved sandals.


You could grab a set of linen flats that has cute, oversized bows on the single top strap. Linen slides with crossover bands are also a great option. But, are you more interested in flats with raffia material? You can find classic slides with thick top bands in raffia texture at Wildfire today.


Did you like the sound of our platform flats earlier on? Sandals in this style are like supersoft by Diana Ferrari and usually have braided rope ringing their platforms. So, if you want shoes that can bring bohemian vibes to your outfits, then check out our raffia and linen designs.


You Can’t Go Wrong With Self-tie Sandals!


Do you love the idea of trendy flats with an adjustable fit if you have wide feet? Our self-tie sandals are sure to put a smile on your face!


You can lace the straps on these flats as hig h or as low around your legs as you want, which means styling them to suit your outfits is a breeze! For example, you can loop the laces low around your ankles when you wear long pants or skirts and then crisscross them higher up your legs later with shorts, jumpsuits, and party dresses.


With self-tie leather ballet flats, you can customise your ballet flat until they look and feel the way you want them to whenever you wear them!


Here at Wildfire, we have faux leather and faux suede versions of our strappy sandals. Faux suede flats are ideal for ladies who love Claudea black leather soft materials. In addition, these leather-look designs bring effortless semi-formal vibes.


Do you want to wear your strappy flats as wedding shoes or to other formal events? We highly recommend picking a complementary colour like beige or black or white leather since those shades are the easiest to match with any ensemble.


Still, Wildfire also has some gorgeous, limited edition flats online that come in shiny gold material. You can easily pair these metallic online exclusive flats with gold jewellery or other accessories in the same colour, and they will make any outfit feel more elegant and sophisticated in a second!


Grab Flats With Crocodile Texture!


If linen sandals aren’t your thing, then maybe our crocodile shoes can win you over! To be clear, none of the crocodile-textured flats at Wildfire were created using the animals themselves.


We ensure ethical sourcing of our shoes, which means our synthetic designs are vegan-friendly and made without animal products (or by-products). So, while the crocodile skin texture on our leather loafers is quite convincing, you can rest assured that the material is purely synthetic!


This scaly material is trendy but subtle. Unlike block heels with bright colours or patterns, which can be tricky to style with equally colourful outfits, crocodile texture won’t clash with clothing that way. So if you take home our crocodile flats in natural, pink, or black, you can style them with almost anything in your collection.


So, if you like the sound of our scaley slides, then take a look around the Wildfire website and see what styles we have available!


You Can Still Change Your Mind!


We know that this article is all about the best flats in the Wildfire collection. But don’t forget that there’s a massive range of heels, wedges, stilettos, and other platforms waiting for you on our shelves.


If you decide that you’d like to get slides and a new pair of heels while you’re at it, then feel free to have a snoop! Keep in mind that many of our favourite sandals and slides have cousins in our selection of heels.


When we update our flats with the hottest trends of the season, whether it’s crocodile patterns, see-through bands, braided material, or other decorations, we always do the same for our heels and other platforms.


As such, there’s a strong resemblance between Wildfire’s heels and many of our sandals and slides. If you discover a favourite new pair of dress shoes or school shoes in our collection this year and realise you would love having it as a heel too, then have a browse through our range of platforms online!


Find your ideal match at Wildfire! 


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